Everyone who knows of the Western culture has heard of the Dardanelles.
It is called Canakkale today and it is the name of the 72km long straits and the town on it. Even if all the seas dry up on earth, you could still have good fresh fish in Canakkale. You can feel nostalgic as you watch the old European continent across that carries the memories of the Persian emperors Cyrus and Xerxes, Alexander the Great who crossed from Macedonia, Sappho from Lesbos, and of course Cleopatra and her lover Mark Anthony…

Troy is history itself

If Homer had not written the Iliad and the Odyssey, Troy today would be a place of interest only for archaeology fans. Other tourists would not even think of visiting it there. The town was the site of nine settlements, one which replaced the earlier below, and was an active settlement from 3,000 B.C until the time of the birth of Christ. Troy has been excavated many times by archaeologists such as Schliemann, Dörpfeld and many others who were searching for the treasure of Priam.


“The place where a generation
drowned within the water…”
The war of Dardanelles… In March
1915, the most powerful armed forces in history were defeated by the hardest and the most strong defense of WW I.
The peninsula today is filled with cemeteries, war museums and
memories of this bloody war and is a chilling reminder of our recent history.
If you are going to Canakkale make
sure you make a side trip to this
historical site.


This ancient settlement dating back to the Hittite King Tutalia IV (8th century B.C.) is beautifully located off the coast of the Aegean, across the island of Lesbos. The Doric settlement, the 6th century B.C Athena temple, the city walls and the ancient port are some of the attractions. This is a convenient stop for those traveling north to Çanakkale or going south from Çanakkale.

Other Places of interest in the Marmara Region:

Gemlik, on Bursa – Istanbul highway, Bursa’s port of Mudanya, Kapidag peninsula and the Marmara archipelago (Marmara, Avsa, Pashalimani and Ekinlik islands), Tekirdag, the Saros bay on the Aegean Sea are other places of the region that are worth visiting.